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Matt Adkins at Glass Relief Ltd

Turquoise Beach Panel - Round - 29cm (10 1/2") with fixings

Turquoise Beach Panel - Round - 29cm (10 1/2") with fixings

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This glass panel illustrates the seaside using low relief and colours to accentuate the motion of the waves and create pebbles on the beach with the sea in turquoise. The relief was applied to the back of the panel leaving the front side smooth. The colours of the sea are turquoise, the sky is fading in blue with birds in the sky. Some parts of the panel are slightly translucent and sandblasted to let the light through when backlit or near a window.

This item contains a round fused glass wall panel with a beach design (turquoise and blue) with 3 fixings as shown on the picture, the glass panel would then be at 1.8cm away from the wall, each fixing is a 2 part fixing provided with 2 allan keys, one part to screw into the wall and the second part is to be tighten with an allan key (provided) for the panel to slide in and to be tighten again.

The wall panel is 29cm (over 10 1/2").

The panel is ready to attach onto the wall. The moulds are handcarved and the glass is slumped over the mould at temperatures over 800C.

Please be aware that due to the handmade process, each product is uniquely different so you can expect a slight variation in size, glass tint/colour and texture.

Made in Britain by Glass Relief


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