About Us

Glass Relief is passionate about their glass.

Established in 2012, Matthew and Estelle have grown their arts and crafts business to sell via galleries, online and at some of the UK's best art shows.

After Living in London due to work commitments, in 2016 they decided to relocate their business to Dorset. Their new location means popping to the coast for inspiration is a weekly must.

        Matthew Adkins is bringing his experiences and knowledge from the architectural glass industry to develop this exciting new range of products. Matthew received a Ceramics and Glass degree in 2002, where the foundations for his love of glass making were forged.

           Estelle Connan has a MA in International Trade and Supply Chain and has over 10 years working experience in her chosen field.  Estelle's focus is to offer our customers, gallery owners, and interior designers an efficient, friendly and responsive service.  Estelle is also heavily involved in the design process giving Matthew a healthy critic over product, quality and company vision.

"My passion took me to work in London for one of the UK’s leading decorative glass companies, where I was a key figure in manufacturing kiln-formed architectural glass on an international scale. "

Matthew draws inspiration from the details of textures and colours which are found around us, the natural world and its landscape. He seeks elegance, precision and simplicity within his work. 

Matt Adkins Glass Relief

.......and now the glass!

Please study our website, we have an online shop and a commissions page to give you ideas for a bespoke project you may have in mind. We supply many shops and galleries throughout the UK and abroad, a great way to view our work alongside other artists and makers.  You will also find us at some of the leading arts and craft shows throughout the country, where we will be able to see a larger body of our work, you are free to pick the glass up and feel the textures and see the colours and majestic qualities of our glass. 

Our product range breaches from coasters to wall installations.  We are constantly creating fresh innovative designs. Each piece Matthew makes is hand made by himself, from cutting and washing the glass, to carving the moulds and applying the colours.  Each piece is heated in a kiln at a temperature over 800 degreeC and usually takes approximately 20 to 35 hours.  

''The best bit is the daily task of retrieving the glass after the heating process to see what treasures have been created''

Commissions: If you have any specific requirements for an existing design or a new one, feel free to send Estelle an email to contact@glassrelief.co.uk or call her on 07910939451

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The latest addition to the business... the cabins

Set up in 2018, the cabins have been a great addition to the business, there is one cabin for Matthew's workshop and another cabin for Estelle'stock, office and for packing gallery and online orders.


More about our glass art

Discover our range of handmade fused glass art including our bowls and dishes, our coasters, freestanding wave panels , wall wave panels, framed sea art and also our wall ammonite panels / framed ammonites.

Our wave panels can be freestanding or attached to a wall as glass wall art. as a single panel, they can be up to 96x71cm.

We also make a wide range of frames as a way to display our glass wall art. We start from 25x25cm and up to 60x30cm / 45x45cm

We also offer a wide range of designs: daisy, heart, ammonite, beach, paradise and ammonite across our various items.

We are mostly known for the texture we create on the glass and for our designs that are closely inspired by the Jurassic coast, in Dorset.

Check out the Bespoke Page to see our commission glass work including splashbacks.

You can find most of our sea fused glass art here and also in Galleries and shop throught the UK, please do get in touch to check if you can find our work near you.

Discover more about our glass art business, our background, our glass workshop and how we work.